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Application Development

Through its technology lifecycle management services, Voculus will support the company across the entire product development lifecycle. Voculus helps conceptualize and capture initial specifications, while offering a full range of capabilities for architecture, design, creation and quality assurance. We also assist with the software installation and data migration to ensure application protection.

Voculus biggest strength, when it comes to legacy application modernization, is our ability to integrate our several distinct capabilities formed over years  of experience. Our other key capabilities include cloud assessment,migration and application re-engineering.


System Solution And Integration

In very broad terms, system integration is the process of connecting different sub-systems (components) into a single larger system that functions as one. With regards to software solutions, system integration is typically defined as the process of linking together various it systems, services and/or software to enable all of them to work functionally together.

The main reason for organizations to use system integration is their need to improve productivity and quality of their operations. The goal is to get the organizations various it systems to “talk to each other” through the integration, to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs for the organization. But system integration is not used only to connect an organization’s internal systems, but also third parties that the organization operates with.

System Integration Methods:

1. Point-to-point Integration

2. Vertical Integration

3. Horizontal Integration 

4. Common Data Format Integration




Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance and Support includes the skills and requirements for supporting application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.  Application Maintenance and Support also applies to applications running in a production environment. Voculus helps manage and improve software currently in use. It involves integrating maintenance and technology upgrades to meet our clients desire.

We help to strive the efficiency by improving efficiency through an industrialized, scientific execution approach that is focused on continuously improving, innovating, and accelerating operational practices to drive reduction in operational costs. By leveraging lean and automation strategies, we focus on driving disruptive incident reduction and improving mean time to enhance operational efficiency. Our team has experience in creating exponential end-user impact by delivering personalized experience through data and insights tailored to user personas. We focus on improving quality of experience through greater engagement with end users and by providing two-way feedback to business on potential service improvements to the business processes 



Mobile Application

We provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs. Design team at Voculus develop highly sophisticated and extremely usable mobile applications that are scalable and engaging according to your business requirements.

By empowering modern businesses, we deliver custom business & enterprise mobile app development services that provide better value and make the user's business experience more open, smarter, communications and workflow assistant. With our creative and business-driven approach, we act as a companion for entrepreneurs to succeed and achieve with our sound creation process.

As a modern AD practice, we offer a platform-based approach leveraging modern technologies to design, build, deploy, and manage such applications with a focus on Cloud First and Mobile First architectures. Our platform-based approach ensures the technology capabilities are composable, can be assembled and leveraged via the frameworks that we have built as part of the platform, significantly easing the modern technology adoption.

AD on cloud APIs and Microservices DevOps
Cloud Advisory services for platform selection, transformation via Cloud AD (Serverless and Cloud Native) with monitoring and optimization for various PaaS platforms. Offerings include API landscaping, discovery and adoption, API development, service synchronization, and containerization for creating an ecosystem of independent and scalable services. DevOps assessment and consulting aligned with people, process, and tools; CI/CD tooling and ALM platform; Immutable Infrastructure; DevSecOps and niche solutions with containers.


Low Code Platforms Channel Apps
Enabling accelerated delivery of business applications by leveraging a range of pre-built middleware services with cross-platform compatibility. We offer services related to platform selections and low code application platform as a service. Design, Develop, and Deploy services for Mobile, Modern Web, and Extended Reality Apps. These Channel Apps are conceived through mobile-first experience design, delivered by leveraging DevOps, API and Microservices, and deployed with cloud scale.


Medical Services 



Medical Services

Voculus deliver a lifecycle of integration of processes, advisory services and a collaborative approach to finding the best solutions for the business needs of our clients. We use tool for data acquisition and aggregation capabilities to creating longitudinal patient records from disparate sources such as clinical data, lab data, diagnostics data, and claims data to drive personalized care. We always at the cutting edge of the quest to continuously improve on best practices in healthcare IT consulting services.

Our clients' customer can get in touch with physicians  anytime and anywhere to get medical service like medication guidance. No more long queues and processes. Patient can get lab result and view image just on mobile phones. More than that, the app can also support online payment services. Let us step into the cashless era.


It helps them analyze and make decisions faster and accurately Also, they can enjoy the benefits of flexibility, which is the need of the hour. A database template created with the requirements of the doctors and nurses is important. It helps them with the medical protocols that are related to the patient and edits the data that is already stored in the system.

hospital-kpi-dashboard.png It could be an expensive decision to migrate from the dated systems to the modern healthcare management systems. But it is important to do it correctly in order to offer quick and high-quality care for the patients and efficient functioning of the hospital. Any hospital should consider the requirements of the staff, patients and the management board and overlay the same while considering the vendors and custom solutions. Notably, the custom solutions can be created depending on the needs of the healthcare institution.

An efficient hospital management system software will have several useful features that are important and serve as the backbone of all the operations of the entire hospital. Some of the notable features of a hospital management software include the ability to edit and print patient details. It helps in a lot of ways as it has the current status of the specific patient, treatment plan, description of the ailment, patient complaints and more.

While making an appointment, the software also calculates the cost of the service automatically. The payment amount will be predetermined and the same will be known when the patient inquries for specific services at the reception while booking an appointment. Basically, a capable hospital management system software will automatically track the payment history of the patients. On request, the same can be printed along with a list of services that were provided and the amount of payments that have to be done for a particular period.




Managed Services




Managed Services

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses. It is an alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the service provider performs on-demand services and bills the customer only for the work done. Under this subscription model, the client or customer is the entity that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed whereas the managed services provider (msp) is the service provider delivering the managed services. The client and the msp are bound by a contractual, service-level agreement that states the performance and quality metrics of their relationship. A master services agreement often sets the terms and conditions under which a managed services provider works with customers. Another important document when offering a managed it service is the service-level agreement (sla), which identifies what services the provider will furnish and how successful delivery of services will be measured. The sla may be incorporated into a service provider's master services agreement.


Next Generation Data Center Services Digital Workplace Services Next Generation Network Services Cloud Native Services
Our next-generation data centers with autonomics and orchestration capabilities aid in creating unified experiences. Workplaces in digital age have revolutionized as workforce today requires a workplace that is smart, agile, and collaborative.  We enable business transformation and strategic alignment of Next-gen enterprise networks, making them lean, agile, experience-centric, and outcome-based.


Our host of cloud solutions ensures a seamless and efficient transition to the cloud.



Cyber Security & GRC Services Service Integration & Management Application Operations
Our specialists integrate business intelligence, best practices, and regulatory systems to meet customer objectives. We design and build the right SIAM model using our accelerators while implementing and integrating multiple vendors.  We bridge the gap between the traditionally disparate application & Infrastructure environment to bring proactivity in IT operations.




Call Centre Services & Network Operation  Centre(NOC)

Voculus provide call centre services for our clients and responsible to attend customers professionally by answering inbound/ outbound calls and replying emails politely for customer inquiries.

Besides, we help our clients to improve the telephone attention. We help improving the quality of calls, which it also improves customer service that leads to bettter company productivity.




  • To Provide Monitoring And Level 1 Troubleshooting And Assistant For Any Potential Issues Or Incidents Online support 24 x 7 via WhatsApp's, SMS, Call or Email to Project Support Team
  • Our Service Desk agents have the talent, knowledge and experience to assist users with any IT related issues. Their on-going training and access to the latest knowledge and industry-leading tools allows them to resolve issues rapidly and accurately. We can even help with off-the-shelf software and common IT devices, as well as support for custom applications using scripts and answers you provide.
  • Clients can call our toll free helpdesk support number at any time and be immediately connected to a trained professional ready and waiting to take their call. From resource identification to software troubleshooting and system checks, our global teams can swiftly establish the nature of your service request and initiate efficient incident and problem management with a proven, cost-effective managed approach.

Network Operation Centre (NOC)

  • A network operations center noc is a centralized location where a company and their staff can provide supervision 24 hours a day to help monitor and manage a company's services, databases, external services, firewalls, and network. So basically, a noc is the basis of a company's nervous system. In the matter of security, a noc is often the first line of defense against any attacks or disruptions a company or enterprise might experience with their telecommunication networks.

The Following Are A Few Things That Are Beneficial With Using A NOC:

1. Back Up Data Stored On Network Devices

2. Patch Management

3. Install, Update And Troubleshoot Software On Any Device Connected To The Network

4. Provide Antivirus Support.

5. Develop Reports For Network Performance, Optimization, And Health

6. Monitor And Manage Firewall And Network Security Software

7. Spot And Analyze Attacks On The Network From Outside Sources




Business Intelligence

We use tools that make it possible to create value from big data. Built to provide, maintain and execute end-to-end quality assurance with transparency for performance, expense and market time.

Voculus deliver efficient collection and distribution of vital data and statistics. We help you re-imagine business processes and experiences, we apply design-thinking strategies and create a new digital vision.


Analytics Pathways Data and BI Fabric Data Management Data Science

Enhance the digital transformation journey and capitalize on variety of data & shift innovation by a consultative approach.

Data made avialable faster, more accessible, and actionable through discovery, automation, simplicity and repeatability to accelerate digital transformation. 

A trusted data view to address regulatory, agility, cost, efficiency and compliance needs established through robust monitoring and governance processes. 

Scale data-driven decision making through machine learning, deep learning, cognitive and AI services. 






Supply Chain Management

It is crucial for organizations to fix inefficiencies of access points–important for internal data obtaining from external users. In addition, shareholders are unable to obtain useful information while maintaining cost-effective pricing, tighter regulatory enforcement, and greater selection of suppliers.

Voculus SCM solutions help our customers get more stakeholder collaboration. We redefine the supply chain process and raise service levels through a range of vertical lines-planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing, and after-sales and fulfillment services.



Provides a 360-degree data quality assurance framework, which range from data quality health assessment to master data maintenance across the board.

Our full spectrum of sourcing and procurement solutions include source-to-contract and procure-to-pay services that streamline upstream and downstream processes, reducing source-to-settle cycle time


Supports clients across the manufacturing value chain with high-end strategic services that help solving complex industrial challenges




Order management services help reduce order processing time and regulate the capital and cash flow through intelligent tracking

Ensures seamless management of shipment, workflow, compliance, and reporting to optimize operations and improve process delivery




Infrastructure Monitoring

Voculus implement specialized software tools that aggregate data in the form of event logs from throughout the organization's IT infrastructure. Event logs are automatically computer-generated by applications or devices on the network in response to network traffic or user activity. These log files contain information such as the time and date that the event occurred, the user that was logged into the machine, the name of the computer, a unique identifier, the source of the event, and a description of the event type. Some log files may contain additional information depending on the application where they originated.






Finance and Accounting



Accounting and Finance

Our Performance Management & Regulatory Reporting Services provides finance function ensuring operational performance visibility, helping to control and mitigate business risks. Our services produce financial report, giving precise and opportune data of financial information, reinforcing compliance.


We believe we provide faster and more effective preparation of financial results simplifies the decision-making process for the management. Employees can simplify tedious and labor-intensive accounting procedures, and concentrate on other important and strategic activities.


Voculus brings to its clients its expertise in Enterprise Application Services (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics etc.) across implementation, maintenance and running finance functions on these applications. HCL helps its clients realize the full potential of the existing functionality of their ERP systems. We are very well positioned to help maximize client value through global process templates, improved productivity, better compliance, Analytics capabilities and Mobility solutions.

Voculus utilizes its proprietary Business Process Management Tool (BPM), Toscana©  which is an end to end software solution to design, deploy, manage, optimize and improve business processes. Toscana©  can integrate with ERP’s to optimizes the processes through auto work allocation, prioritization, exception & approval management, audit trails, compliance, SLA management, enabling quality controls and managing hand offs, providing real time performance reports and work status reports.

Voculus Technologies is considered as market leader in implementation of next-gen technologies including data visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, Robotic Process automation (RPA) & embedded analytics that has become an integral part of all the F&A solution offerings. We are also heavily focused on RPA and partnered with leading technology provider in the Robotics space and have successfully helped multiple clients to achieve their objectives of process automation in various F&A processes such as Accounts Payable, Cash Application, Travel and Expense, GL Accounting and Reconciliations.

Order to Cash(O2C) Services Procedure to Pay(P2P) Services Record to Report(R2R)

Voculus provides an end-to-end solution offering a full view of the order to cash process improving operational and financial performance.

Voculus Procure to Pay (P2P) services help firms optimize working capital effectively and streamline processes, ensuring smart compliance management.

Our services improve Record to Report (R2R) processes, providing accurate and timely information of financial data, strengthening compliance.


Performance Management & Regulatory-Reporting Services Fianne Transformation Services

Our Performance Management & Regulatory Reporting Services provides finance function ensuring operational performance visibility, helping to control and mitigate business risks.

Voculus's transformation-led Finance & Accounting services are sketched to support our clients by establishing compliance and controls, balancing expense vs. growth, reducing the cash cycle and maximizing return on investment (ROI)




IT Asset and Service Management



IT Assets and Service Management

Voculus provide both hardware and software that is used by an organization to support the organization’s business objectives. We help our clients to keep track of legal, contractual and regulatory obligations. This can especially come in handy if our clients face regular audits. 

Voculus provide a set of business practices that combines financial, inventory and contractual functions to optimize spending and support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making within the IT environment.



Custom Software Solution and Automation





Custom Software Solutions and Automation

Voculus helps their customer to create custom software solution and automation which allows for better tracking of the progress on any project because data is streamlined and easily accessible.

Our clients also have the ability to track the details of every project within their company, without having to request manual updates. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments quickly if needed as problems become apparent immediately. Besides, we create software solution for our clients to achieve their objective.






Data and email Backup Subscription

Voculus helps their customer to protect data with trusted and proven methods.  Besides, voculus provides for local backup or off-site backup with low capital investment. Protect the precious emails information of your entire company. All in-coming and out-going emails are backup silently behind the scenes. Pay as you go. Pay as you go.





IT Hardware Subscription

Voculus helps their customers to enable your business without huge capital investment for server, PC, networking hardware. Pay as you go.




Disaster Recovery

Voculus helps their customers to provide business continuity pre-defined recovery time. Pay as you go.



IT Security Audit 

Professional  IT security audit service. Comply with IT security ISO27001.



Penetration Test

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and application. Take action before hacker find and exploit them.




Business Process Automation

Using web application, you can Increase Productivity, Reduce Paperwork, Streamline Processes and Improve Compliance.



Hardware Supply

Voculus is authorised partner for most popular hardware brands. Get your best deal when the hardware refreshment cycle comes.





Voculus design and deploy professional IT network structured cabling system.